Bespoke Butchery

Do you farm livestock?

Do you often feel that you might like to be able to partake of the meat that you produce but feel it’s not worth the hassle?


Well, here at Westlands we are able to offer a bespoke butchery service, whereby we will process your animal(s) into joints, cuts and products, in line with your exact requirements, all packaged ready for the freezer.

This service covers all species and would be tailored to suit you. You would simply need to deliver your stock to our nominated abattoir and leave the rest to us. You would then pick up the freezer ready packs upon completion.


The service includes any requisite hanging of carcases, for example 21 day maturation of beef, as well as any processing that you may be desirous of.


We can produce bacon, gammons, sausages, burgers etc., as well as the usual array of joints, chops, steaks etc. that you would normally expect to get. And all cut to sizes that fulfil your needs, whether it’s enough for a mid-week meal for two or a family party.

The standard of butchery we adhere to and the quality of the products we produce is unrivalled. So why not give it a go? We know you won’t be disappointed.

Please note, this service is designed to help farmers/smallholders to benefit from having their own stock in their own freezer. It is not a large scale commercial operation for those looking for high through-puts.

Interested? Then simply give us a call to discuss your requirements and obtain an estimate of costs.