Retail Butchery

We specialise in rearing and supplying home grown and locally sourced native British animals with a known provenance. These form the majority of our sales, though some specially selected imported meats are used in order to meet demand. Rest assured though, these cuts are only of the finest quality.


Native breeds of cattle are Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and Short Horns. Our cattle are grass fed and this diet is supplemented with home grown barley. Grass in the form of silage or hay is fed during the winter months when cattle are housed in straw-bedded barns. During the summer they graze on open pasture.

Traditional Quality with known provenance.

Westlands beef is matured under refrigeration for a minimum of three weeks. This carefully controlled system ensures the most tender, succulent and tasty meat is available to our customers ‘time after time’.

Beef Cuts

We are pleased to advise on suitability of particular cuts of meat and suitability for particular dishes.                                                                                                                                                        Topside, Silverside, Top Rump, Sirloin – steaks or joints boneless, Sirloin joints on the bone, Rib of Beef – on the bone or boneless, Rib Eye steaks or joints, Rump – steaks or joints – Fillet – steaks or joints, Thick Rib, Chuck – braising steaks or diced, Shin Beef, Brisket, Minced Steak, Ox Tail



Whilst Westlands Farm Shop does not produce its own Lamb, it is carefully selected from local suppliers with a reputation for quality.

As with Westlands Beef, Lamb is slowly matured to give a superbly tender product that is full of flavour.

Speciality lamb cuts such as Crown Roasts, Rack of Lamb and Paradise Loin can be provided to order. Ideal for that special occasion.

Lamb Cuts

Leg of Lamb – on the bone or boneless, Shoulder -on the bone or boneless, Cutlets, Loin Chops, Barnsley Chops, Leg Steaks, Diced Lamb, Minced Lamb, Breast, Loin Joints or noisettes, Shanks, Neck of Lamb


Westlands pigs are reared in straw-bedded yards where they are allowed to mature naturally. This poduces Pork ideally suited to use as joints, chops etc. or which can be made into our own home-cured bacon, sausages and burgers.

Pork Cuts

We are pleased to advise on suitability of particular cuts of pork and suitablity for particular dishes.                                                                                                                                                                          Leg – bone in or boneless, Chops, Loin or Leg Steaks, Diced Pork, Belly, Minced Pork, Shoulder Joints, Tenderloin, Spare Ribs – plain or glazed


Poultry & Game

We also supply, locally sourced and known provenance, poultry duck geese rabbit venison and other game in season.

A Selection of What May Be Available Depending on the Season

Chickens – various sizes – high welfare, Chicken Breast Fillets – with or without skin, Chicken Thighs, Ducks – Gressingham brand, Duck Legs – Gressingham, Turkeys – whole, Turkey Breasts, Diced Turkey, Minced Turkey, Guinea Fowl

Game in Season  Venison – joints – steaks – diced, Pheasants, Partridge, Rabbits

Dry Cured Bacon & Gammon   – Both ‘Home-Produced’

Westlands exercises complete control over all bacon and gammon. Bacon is produced on the premises using a traditional dry curing technique. This gives firm meaty rashers of bacon, mild in flavour with little shrinkage and none of the white ‘cook out’ often associated with mass-produced bacon. Gammons too are traditionally cured to give a beautifully tender product with a hint of sweetness which makes it ideal for gammon steaks, or joints for boiling or roasting.

Sausages and Burgers

All Westlands Farm Shop sausages and burgers are home-made, using prime shoulder meat. A wide range is available from mild to spicy catering for all tastes. Gluten free sausages are also available on request.

Westlands sausages are also ‘a hit’ with younger customers. Children, in particular appear to love the savoury pork burgers. They are mildly seasoned, succulent and nutritious. A real treat and mum and dad can be confident they are a quality product.


Plain pork
Lincolnshire style
Cumberland style
Old English
Pork and Leek
Pork and Chives
Chilli pork
Chilli beef
Pork and tomato
Cumberland and sage
Gluten-Free sausages also available


Lamb and mint